The Director
Malick Diene is an energy environmentalist. He has worked as a technical Assistant for the World Bank RPTES program (Regional Program for the Traditional Energy Sector) in Dakar, Senegal. Mr. Diene was in charge of assisting for the program implementation, disseminating best practices and reinforcing cross-country exchanges among local experts through the establishment of a regional energy information system. He has actively contributed to the design and the development of a sustainable rural energy agenda in western Africa using innovative and sustainability analysis approaches. He participated in many environmental projects related to energy demand and supply chain management. Mr Diene holds a Master's degree in Environmental Assessment and Sustainability from McGill University (Montreal, Canada). He also has a Graduate diploma in Energy Planning and Economics and a Bachelor of Engineering in Fluid Mechanics from Bordeaux-1 Universite (France). He is fully bilingual French & English. Mr Diene is a Certified Greenhouse gas Inventory Quantifier and a member of the Assoiciated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada. He is the Founder and Coordinator of Factus Environmental.

Mission Statement: It is the mission of Factus Environmental to provide high quality environmental assessment, sustainable energy planning and educational services through the use of science and best analytical tools.

Our Dedication: To make sure that developmental activities are carried out in a safe and responsible way with zero or minimum harm to the environment we live in.

Our Golden Rule: 
As we pursue our mission as a team, to always report and inform with integrity by choosing reliable sources and differentiating between facts and opinions.
Our Values : Factus Environmental operates through collaboration with a team of partners with high level expertise that has a variety of experiences which include working with governments in the West Africa region. As a dedicated team, with the passion of caring for the environment, we state that:
Quality First is our motto. This is an absolute commitment to our clients and partners  
- Customer satisfaction builds trust and is the best license to grow business
- Team work and collaboration brings strong expertise and continuous improvement 
- Compliance to safety procedures are on the top of our priorities  
- High work ethic and accountability are the high road to success