Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a business strategy used as a way to improve business relation with communities.  It emphasizes the notion of corporate accountability towards society and is commonly defined 
as a “company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which they operate”.  CSR is a social investment, a responsible conduct and good business practice that has the potential, -if effectively implemented, to ensure long-term success for companies by enhancing company reputation, increasing societal approval and community support.  

CSR can address a wide range of social, environmental and governance issues such as providing educational services, health improvement programs , community housing and other social amenities. Eventually, in some countries,  CSR programs should go beyond charitable given or community donations; and rather be designed around the improvement of  labour conditions, poverty alleviation and environmental stewardship.

Our CSR Consultant has over 15 years  of experiences in teaching, designing and implementing CSR strategies and programs. Factus can help your company design, review and implement an effective CSR strategy that will enhance your company reputation and brand through innovative approaches.