Sustainability Analysis

Sustainability Analysis is an analytical approach that has its essence from the concept of sustainable development, i.e. a development that ensures economic growth, but more importantly social progress and environmental stewardship. Its main purpose is to help an organization minimize its environmental impacts on the ecosystems while improving the quality of human life. For a corporate, this is also part of its CSR-corporate social responsibility.

In practice, Sustainability Analysis and Reporting essentially uses sustainability indicators and benchmarks, derived from the highest applicable standards for comparison. Sustainable Development Indicators (SDI) are quantitative tools that analyze changes while measuring progress towards the sustainable use and management of economic, social, institutional and environmental resources. Sustainability reporting demonstrates an organization commitment to sustainable development objectives, which is a good management practice for an organization's reputation and stakeholders' engagement.

FACTUS can help your organization perform a Sustainability analysis to improve its environmental and socio-economic performance.

Basic Sustainability Goals