Green Tips

To Reduce energy, Save on bills, Reduce waste and improve environmental footprint 

Replace all incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent or LED Light  bulbs

* Replace old appliances with new Energy STAR appliances

Unplug all electronic devices not in use to avoid unnecessary power usage

Use a space heater to warm a small space instead of the furnace for your whole house.

Change out conventional light switches for motion activated or dimming switches 

Purchase an energy star refrigerator with a top mounted freezer to save 10-25% energy

Clean the lint filter in your dryer regularly to reduce energy consumption

Replace your gas or electric powered lawn mower with a manual one

* Let your clothes or dishes air dry after washed instead of using a drying machine 

Install a drain water heat recovery (DWHR) to reduce your water heating costs up to 40%

* Use public transportation or carpooling to commute to work instead own car 

* Use solar-powered, LED Christmas lights during special outdoors events decoration 

* Install your solar system or purchase your energy from a renewable energy supplier 

* Always, usnon-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning products

Use a ‘green’ dry cleaner that doesn’t use chemical solvents like tetrachloroethylene 

* Use recycled paper for printing drafts and use a reusable bag when shopping 

Don’t throw away your printer cartridges, it can be refilled up to 4 times

Purchase fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets

* Set up a backyard composter to avoid sending compostable items to the landfill

Use EcoLogo certified products that are biodegradable with no phosphate or toxic chemicals

Use non-toxic building materials as traditional plywood and MDF contain urea formaldehyde 

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